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Period Tea: For Cramps & PMS

Period Tea: For Cramps & PMS

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Cycle support that actually works

Birth control isn't your only option when it comes to period discomfort. Here's the catch, especially concerning hormonal imbalances, herbs aren't a 'one size fits all' solution. If you want to commit to giving this blend a try, we recommend drinking 1-3 cups a day during your luteal and menstrual phases (the week before + during your period). Keep in mind, it could take 2 months of repeating this process to see results. 

🌱 Meet the Herbs

  • Raspberry Leaf: tones the uterus, preventing excessive cramping 
  • Red Clover: the isoflavones in this herb balance hormones, easing PMS symptoms, cramping, heavy bleeding, and regulating menstrual flow
  • Lady's Mantle: its astringent properties help regulate excessive flow, reduce cramping, and support hormonal balance


Certified Organic Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus), Certified Organic Red Clover Blossoms (Trifolium pratense), Certified Organic Linden (Tilia sp.), Certified Organic Lady’s Mantle (Archemilla vulgaris), Certified Organic Lavender Flowers (Lavandula angustifolia)

Add 1 tablespoon of herbs per cup 8 ounces) of water and steep at 212°F for 5-15 minutes. We recommend drinking 1-3 cups at any point in the day both the week before your period and throughout your menstrual phase. 

How many cups does each pouch make?

  • 2 ounce pouch: 37+ cups of tea
  • 4 ounce pouch: 74+ cups of tea

Safety Considerations

Please remember that herbs are powerful. It is always a good idea to consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you have concerns about allergies, reactions, or just using a new product. Keep in mind that this is even more important if

you are nursing, pregnant, or taking medication. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and they are not intended to be used to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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PMS is common, NOT normal

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Have a carefree period

Like most of us, I grew up with terrible, heavy periods and PMS symptoms that made me feel insane. I crafted this blend for younger me, because the only solution I was ever offered was birth control. Here's what's in it: raspberry leaf to tone the uterus and ease cramping, red clover to promote hormonal balance, and lady's mantle to alleviate discomfort through its anti-inflammatory properties. If you want the best results, you should drink this tea throughout your luteal and menstrual phases. I personally felt different after a month of drinking this tea regularly, but it took 3 months for me to see serious changes. I do not recommend trying this blend if you have estrogen dominance, PCOS, fibroids, or endometriosis.
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  • Herbalist Formulated

    for maximum impact 

  • No Pesticides or Fillers

    just organic herbs 

  • Delicious & Effective 

    a healthy treat you’ll look forward to

  • Made With Love

    in small batches

  • Free Shipping

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We’re a Small Business

but we don’t skimp on the details
  • Herbalist Formulated

    for maximum impact 

  • No Pesticides or Fillers

    just organic herbs 

  • Delicious & Effective 

    a healthy treat you’ll look forward to

  • Made With Love

    in small batches

  • Free Shipping

    on orders over $50


How do I make a cup of loose tea?

Steeping leaves & flowers

Blends: Weightless, Radiant, Gut Soother, Period Tea

Measure out 1 tablespoon of herbs for every cup (8 ounces) of tea you plan to make. Begin boiling your water to at least 200°F and add your herbs to your tea pot, basket infuser, tea ball, or whatever accessory you have on hand. Pour the hot water over your herbs and let them steep for 5-10 minutes before straining them out using your tea-making accessory or a basket strainer. Add some honey or maple syrup, or enjoy as is! 

Decocting roots & berries

Blends: Root Coffee, Sweet Slumber

Measure out 1 tablespoon of herbs for every cup (8 ounces) of tea you plan to make and add them to a pot. Add cold or lukewarm water to the same pot and turn the stove to medium heat. Once the water and herbs come to a boil, immediately turn the heat to a low setting. Leave your tea to simmer on the stove for up to 40 minutes. When ready, strain out the herbs and add your preferred sweeteners or enjoy as is.

How many cups of tea does one pouch make?

Root Coffee

  • 1 ounce pouch: 5+ cups of tea
  • 2 ounce pouch: 10+ cups of tea 
  • 4 ounce pouch: 20+ cups of tea

(+) because you can re-steep each batch and double this number 


  • 1 ounce pouch: 11+ cups of tea
  • 2 ounce pouch: 23+ cups of tea
  • 4 ounce pouch: 46+ cups of tea

Sweet Slumber 

  • 1 ounce pouch: 6+ cups of tea
  • 2 ounce pouch: 13+ cups of tea
  • 4 ounce pouch: 26+ cups of tea


  • 2 ounce pouch: 16+ cups of tea
  • 4 ounce pouch: 32+ cups of tea

Period Tea 

  • 2 ounce pouch: 37+ cups of tea
  • 4 ounce pouch: 74+ cups of tea

Gut Soother 

  • 2 ounce pouch: 19+ cups of tea
  • 4 ounce pouch: 38+ cups of tea

Is herbal tea actually tea?

Technically, herbal tea is not tea. Commonly referred to as a tisane or herbal extraction, herbal teas cannot be considered tea because they do not contain tea leaves from the camellia sinensis plant that black, green, and white teas are made from. 

It's also worth noting that apart from herbs like yerba maté and yaupon holly, herbs contain no caffeine. Therefore, a majority of herbal tea is caffeine free.

What does "re-steep" mean and how can I do it?

Re-steep literally means "to steep again." So, just follow the same steps you used to make your first cup of tea again. All of our blends can be re-steeped— and we recommend that you do so you get the most therapeutic value from your herbs (and the best bang for your buck).

Do you offer free shipping?

We will be offering free shipping on domestic (US) orders over $75 very soon, so stay tuned!

How do I know whether I'm allergic to the herbs in these blends?

Before purchasing anything from us, please check the full ingredient list at the bottom of each product page and ensure you're not knowingly allergic to any of the herbs listed.

If you don't have any known allergies but you're concerned that your body may have an adverse reaction to these blends, we recommend either doing a patch test with the tea before you consume it, or starting with a very mild cup of tea.

To perform a patch test, follow the instructions on the bag to steep the tea and then rub a portion of the steeped tea on your forearm. Wait 24 hours to see if a rash appears. If so, gift your tea to a friend and do not consume it.

To make a mild/diluted cup of tea to test for a reaction, add 1 teaspoon of herbs for every 1/2 cup of water and let steep for 5 minutes. Strain out your herbs and take a sip of the tea. Wait 5-20 minutes before drinking the rest of the cup to ensure the first sip didn't cause an allergic reaction.

When in doubt, check with your doctor first. If you're planning to incorporate these blends into your routines and you've:

  • had allergic reactions in the past,
  • are taking medication,
  • are pregnant and/or breastfeeding,
  • have a health condition

always consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplement in any form (including tea). Herbs are natural, but that doesn't mean they are safe for everyone.

** As these are food items, we do not accept returns. In the event that you're allergic to and/or have an adverse reaction to the tea, seek medical treatment immediately. We are not liable for any adverse reactions you may have.

Do these blends contain gluten?

All of our blends are technically gluten free. However, we always warn that Weightless and Sweet Slumber may contain traces of gluten because they're blended with oat straw, which is sometimes processed by facilities that also process crops that contain gluten.

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Katherine Kennedy

5 stars (written review not provided)

Crystal Ristau

5 stars (written review not provided)

Samantha Fitzgerald

5 stars (written review not provided)

Nourishing blend, naturally sweet.

This tea tastes amazing on its own and doesn't need any sweeteners. Delighted to add it into the tea rotation.

Kayla Penman



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